Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dollars to donuts (to DFL)

It's State Fair time, and once again those clever entrepreneurs at Grandstand DFL Mini Donuts will be fundraising for DFL BPOUs in Ramsey County. And judging from the 2009 report filed by the donut stand PAC with the Minnesota Campaign & Finance Disclosure Board, the amounts of money donated to the DFL amount to much more than (ahem) peanuts:

SD50 DFL: $6,950
SD51 DFL: $2,800
SD53 DFL: $9,700
SD54 DFL: $12,500
SD55 DFL: $6,950
HD66B DFL: $11,100

2009 Total Contributions to Party Units: $50,000.00, up 4% from 2008. That's a lot of bread, man.

The Tenth Ward & Rural Ramsey DFL PAC is not required by the State Fair or any law to disclose at the booth itself where the proceeds from the sale of their deep-fried guilty pleasures are going. I'm not sure whether their sales would increase or decrease if they did. I just thought that you, dear readers, would like to know. Or as Rep. Laura Brod (R-New Prague) was quoted last session:
“If you go to the State Fair and buy doughnuts at this booth, you think you’re buying doughnuts when, in actuality, what you’re doing is making a contribution to a political party of which you have no idea. You don’t know if you are donating to Republicans. You don’t know if you are donating to Democrats. You don’t know if you’re donating to defeat a ballot initiative.

“I want them to know that they’re just not buying a doughnut. They are buying a philosophy along with it."

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