Friday, August 28, 2009

Donuts for donkeys

Donuts for donkeys: Grandstand Mini Donuts, operated by the Tenth Ward & Rural Ramsey DFL
Top reasons to avoid Grandstand Mini Donuts at the Minnesota State Fair:
  1. 54 calories per donut
  2. 27 calories from fat per donut
  3. 6 g total carbohydrate per donut
  4. Undisclosed contribution per bag to the Tenth Ward & Rural Ramsey DFL Political Action Committee (PAC)

Now that the Great Minnesota Get-Together is underway, it's a good time to recall Mitch Berg's report that Grandstand Mini Donuts, located outside the Grandstand, is a stealth fundraising booth for a DFL PAC that in 2008 donated $45,000 among six DFL Senate Districts, courtesy of some unsuspecting fairgoers (many among whom likely were Republicans!).

The State Fair does not require that vendors publicly disclose where their proceeds are going, but why wouldn't Grandstand Mini Donuts do so? As a public service, you could print out a few copies of the two-page Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board filing Schedule B2 (last two pages of this PDF file), and just happen to post them somewhere nearby!


R-Five said...

One bag is 25 Weight Watchers points. A Big Mac is only 13.

Steve said...

I like how they pay their "money counters" $599.00 - I think when you hit $600 you have to file a 1099 and pay taxes !!!