Monday, October 16, 2006

Bonoff apologized for what, exactly?

It seems that Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) has unfairly mischaracterized the audience at Living Word Christian Center's forum on the Minnesota Defense of Marriage Amendment, just to score debate points at this fall's Debate Minnesota SD 43 debate in Plymouth.

Bonoff appeared at the March 2006 Living Word event on a panel discussion of DFL and Republican Minnesota state senators. She told the September 28 debate audience that the experience was "unreal," with Living Word audience members chanting, "NO GAY MARRIAGE," waving her arms to dramatize her point. Steve Keith of Plymouth said,
I and the 2000 people in attendance that evening can, without equivocation, say this DID NOT HAPPEN. At no time did any member of the audience conduct themselves in a manner disrespectful of the elected officials addressing them.
Others who attended the Living Word forum, including Living Word staff, corroborate Keith's description of the event. According to Keith, "I asked Senator Bonoff yesterday about this and was told that she was sorry for the offense taken."

According to Eva Young (Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments):
I talked to Terri Bonoff about this, and she told me was disappointed that her remarks had offended anyone, and because of that called the church [Living Word Christian Center] to formally apologise - and they told her that no apology was necessary, and they appreciated that she came to their church.
Well, we all make mistakes, but these are non-apologies that let Bonoff have it both ways. Is Bonoff sorry that some people where offended by her story (which she stands by as true), or is she sorry that she portrayed DOMA supporters falsely in order to score political points? If the latter, why was it necessary to misrepresent an opposing viewpoint at a public debate?

Elected officials should respectfully listen to all viewpoints, not use wedge issues to divide and conquer. Is this Bonoff's vision for uniting the middle?

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lloydletta said...

Matt, from what I hear about Living Word - is that congregants have only heard one side of the story on the Bachmann amendment - and haven't heard the other side presented to them. Bachmann has been there multiple times spreading her lies about the bill.

When Terri talked to me, she also told me the Living Word staff told her they appreciated that she and other democrats came to their forum.

lloydletta said...

Matt, you should contact Terri directly. I know that from going to the Focus on the Family rally with Dobson, Bauer etc., the Bachmann amendment supporters were as Bonoff described.

I haven't gone to Living Word Christian Center - but there are former members commenting that the place is a cult. This is from a commenter on a thread about Living Word on DU:

This is not at all surprising from Mac and LWCC. I attended LWCC for two years. My sister was a member (still is) and convinced me to switch to Living Word. The one thing I will say about Mac ... he's a good public speaker, and quite convincing if you are naive. After two years, I finally had enough and went back to my Christian roots. EVERY SINGLE SERMON at Living Word was about the "prosperity message" and how God only loves you if you're rich and it's all about money and possessions. I saw so much evil at LWCC - people literally running financial scams, phony investment schemes, evading taxes, etc., all in the name of "God's blessings of increase". The Christian message of love, peace, social responsibility, loving thy neighbor and HUMILITY are completely abandoned in pursuit of Armani suits, BMWs and all the things money can buy.

Living Word is an extremely partisan church. This isn't the first time this has happened. I can recall MANY personal endorsements from the pulpit by Mac in the two years my husband and I attended that church. Between the prosperity message, politics from the pulpit, "TEACHING" people to speak in tongues and twisting of Jesus' message, we finally woke up. I'm just sorry it took us two years, and even more sorry that my sister has swallowed the message hook, line and sinker. In my mind, it's a cult. I sincerely hope LWCC loses its tax exempt status over this, but I doubt anything will come of it, just a slap on the wrist, if anything.

lloydletta said...

Matt, I'd like to reinterview your contacts. Can you send me contact information on this -

Also, what date was this forum held? I assume there will be tape of this forum (the church sells tapes of their events doesn't it). That would be the best way to hear what happened there.

Matt said...

I agree that viewing a recording of the March 2006 senate forum would bring some clarity to the discussion, but LW declined to provide me with one. I don't know if they even recorded it. From what I have heard, both sides of the DOMA, pro and con, were presented at this particular event.