Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some differ with Bonoff's account of event

People are talking about Sen. Terri Bonoff's account of a Minnesota Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA) event at Mac Hammond's Living Word Christian Center, where several Minnesota state senators from both parties took part in a panel discussion. Steve Keith, who was in the audience at this event, copied me on his letter to the editor:
Senator Terri Bonoff has done it again. At the Debate Minnesota Forum last week she stated that while attending a forum on traditional marriage last March at a "2000 member church" she was confronted with chants of "No Gay Marriage," the congregants "standing and waving their arms." I and the 2000 people in attendance that evening can, without equivocation, say this DID NOT HAPPEN. At no time did any member of the audience conduct themselves in a manner disrespectful of the elected officials addressing them.

In fact, Senator Bonoff when speaking of her Jewish roots, was greeted with a WARM PROLONGED STANDING OVATION. Living Word Christian Center has long been a strong supporter of Israel and Judeo-Christian traditions. The membership is undoubtedly the most diverse in the Twin Cities with attendees of every race and creed, and enjoys an expressive form of worship.

I asked Senator Bonoff yesterday about this and was told that she was sorry for the offense taken. Unfortunately the damage has been done again, apologizing in private, after-the-fact does not in any manner undo the public harm done by the derogatory rhetoric aimed at a community of faith. Apologies cannot undo the polarizing effect on our community.

This from the candidate who says she is "uniting the middle?"

Steve and Blanche Keith, Plymouth
The staff member I spoke with at Living Word assured me that Pastor Hammond, a veteran United States Air Force combat pilot, set a respectful tone for the event by asking the audience to refrain from loud demonstrations and to respect all points of view. He also told me that Pastor Hammond instructed uniformed security and ushers to be ready to escort any demonstrators out of the meeting — which turned out to be not necessary.

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lloydletta said...

That's odd... Michele Bachmann will be speaking at this church this weekend - and be at all services. It's not in her district.