Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fiorina worth a second look

Attending a Carly Fiorina house party this past weekend strengthened my support for the presidential candidate and my conviction that you should give her a second look before Minnesota's caucus night on March 1.

Fourteen conservative activists gathered at a home in Crystal (in the storied SD45 for you activists in the audience) to socialize and sit down in front of the flat screen to take in Citizen Carly, the Carly Fiorina biography produced by the CARLY for America PAC. One couple drove from Stillwater, another activist came from East Bethel. I got to catch up with two old friends who just happen to be on the CARLY for America leadership team: David Strom and Margaret Martin.

We have seen in three debate performances and countless TV interviews that Fiorina has an incredibly detailed and thorough grasp on the issues, from the economy to foreign policy. She debates the issues like a force of nature, without personal attacks. When she is attacked, she knows how to deliver a knockout punch right between the eyes — with class. She can communicate a grand vision unlike few others since Ronald Reagan (listen to her riveting Lady Liberty and Lady Justice allegory from her closing statement at the September CNN debate).

Character matters. Citizen Carly provides insights into Fiorina's character and what makes her so qualified to be our next President and Commander-in-Chief. She is not a politician, but she is a leader, arguably the kind of leader that the United States desperately needs after America's sad decline during the Obama administration. I believe that she could be the president to make America great again. She is a woman of faith, family, and flag.

In her public statements and appearances, Carly Fiorina is not political so much as presidential, in command. She believes, as our Founders did, that all of us are created equal (unlike progressives who believe that government knows best) and that one of the highest callings of leadership is to unlock the potential in others. She is living proof of the American dream. She is the type of leader that you used to think of when "growing up to be President" was actually a positive aspiration.

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