Tuesday, September 07, 2010

State Fair poll reveals conservative views

The annual opinion polls at the State Fair conducted by the Minnesota House of Representatives are informal and unscientific, but close to 10,000 responded this year. The poll revealed several positions that conservative Republican candidates should be able to echo on the campaign trail:
  • Only 14% favored tax increases alone to balance the state budget. Over twice that percentage, 32%, favored spending cuts alone, while 50% favored a combination.
  • 80% favored tax breaks or other funding assistance to encourage small-business growth
  • 73% want the Legislature to take steps to limit tuition and fee increases at public colleges and universities 
  • 72% opposed giving school districts the authority to increase their operating levy without voter approval
  • 69% favored requiring voters to show a picture ID before casting their ballot.
  • 66% were against using public dollars to fund a new Vikings stadium.

The state Senate conducted a similar poll, but it has not posted the results as of this morning.

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