Friday, August 27, 2010

New and improved

North Star Liberty readers, I have been busy over the summer sprucing up the place for campaign season. I hope that these new tools will help our corner of cyberspace feel more like home, and help you to share North Star Liberty with your friends:
  • New comment system - my comment system is now powered by Disqus, which provides for authenticated comments (you have to sign in to comment) and other features to make it a more robust and meaningful exchange. Try it!
  • Wibya toolbar - the toolbar at the bottom of the screen now incorporates Facebook, Twitter, navigation, and even a very slick translation tool. Be sure to hit the Like button to recommend us to your Facebook friends, or hit the Recommend button to see what posts others have recommended.
  • Share buttons - there are now sharing buttons at the end of every post, to enable you to easily e-mail or share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz, or your own Blogger blog.
Y'all come back real soon now, ya hear?

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