Monday, April 19, 2010

Dettman steps down, Grogan exploring endorsement

On March 31, SD43 delegates received an e-mail from chair Larry Thompson, announcing that the endorsed candidate for House District 43B, Kathy Dettman, has ended her candidacy:
The purpose of this memo is to advise you of the need for a Special Endorsing Convention to consider the endorsement of a candidate for the House 43B seat. Due to unforeseen medical circumstances, Kathy Dettman has withdrawn from the race for this seat. She feels that these medical issues will prohibit her from devoting the time needed for her to run a successful campaign.
I wish Dettman all the best as she deals with her medical issues.

Brian Grogan, who ran unsuccessfully for this seat against DFLer John Benson in 2006, is considering throwing his hat into the ring again for the endorsement. As documented on this blog, Grogan and his campaign volunteers were locked and loaded for the campaign until he was defeated by Dettman on the first ballot. Understandably, he will seek the endorsement only with the enthusiastic support of the SD43 base. He has scheduled two meet-and-greet events at the Minnetonka Community Center to help gauge this support, on April 25 and May 10.

The SD43 Special Endorsing Convention is set for May 12, at the Minnetonka Community Center.

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