Friday, February 05, 2010

Tell Terri Bonoff what you really think!

Earlier this week, Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) sent this e-mail to her SD43 constituents:
Dear Friends,

With the 2010 Legislative Session fast approaching, my office has assembled a 2010 Legislative Questionnaire that will allow us to find out where our community stands on the issues currently facing the Minnesota Legislature.

I am hopeful that each of you will take a few moments to share with me your thoughts and opinions on issues that will be discussed in the upcoming session. Simply click on the link below and you will see instructions on how to complete the online questionnaire.

Best regards,


Sen. Bonoff's multiple-choice questionnaire predictably has plenty of options for raising taxes, but unexpectedly also contains options like "Take no action and allow the market to continue its course." And there are no questions relating to light rail transit, which has always been high on Bonoff's wish list.

I urge you to complete Sen. Bonoff's questionnaire, particularly if you live in SD43. It will enable you to state a position on specific legislative action that the Legislature will likely be considering this session, including the budget deficit, the Vikings stadium, and a racino at Canterbury Park. If your answer is "none of the above" to a particular question, why not call, e-mail, or write Sen. Bonoff (or your state senator if you live outside SD43) to voice your opinion?


R-Five said...

Every time I see her on camera she talks jibberish, even by DFL standards. Even her fellow libs must be groaning, thinking "shut up, shut up, this isn't helping!"

A NARN feature also strongly suggested that she isn't very organized either. Just what is it she brings to the DFL, let alone your district?

Scholar said...

As a member of the majority caucus in the Senate, Terri brought us higher taxes, a love for light rail transit, and an influx into SD43 of political participation from the unions and state DFL party. I don't know how organized she is, but she did manage to win a contested special election and a general election, much to our chagrin.

Mark said...

Who's the senate nominee this year? This is probably the best year to win back the seat. Maybe Judy Johnson can run again. Third time's a charm; just ask John Kline. It'd be good if Benson could go too, but Minnetonka has gotten more liberal in the last six years. That maybe could change too.

Scholar said...

Norann Dillon ( will be running for the SD43 endorsement at this Saturday's convention.