Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pawlenty to DFL: chores before allowance

Once again, Gov. Tim Pawlenty is being forced to play the adult in the room to the Minnesota Legislature's adolescent refusal to face fiscal realities.

In his letter Monday, Gov. Pawlenty told the Legislature to do what they already know the state Constitution mandates must be done: balance the budget.

Prior to this evening's debate on the Capitol Investment bill, I wanted to inform you, and the entire legislature, that I will be vetoing this bill in its entirety.

The people of Minnesota expect us to spend their tax dollars frugally and wisely. This bill does neither...

As you know, the state is facing a $1.2 billion deficit. Before the legislature passes any additional spending bills, I ask that DFL legislators submit a plan to resolve the budget deficit. My budget plan has been available for more than a week, but during that time the DFL majority has only shown an interest in spending more money, not in balancing the budget.

With Moody's recently lowering the state of Minnesota's debt rating, the DFL needs to get serious about getting the state's fiscal house in order, or risk paying higher interest rates on its bonds, not to mention passing on higher debts to the taxpayers. It's no different in the people's house than in your house: more money going out than coming in is an unsustainable, an unnecessary, situation.

Once again, with Republicans in the minority, Gov. Pawlenty is the last man standing in the way of the DFL spending more money we don't have on things we don't need. Later this year, Minnesotans must elect another governor who is prepared to do the same, regardless of which party holds the majorities in Saint Paul.

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