Monday, July 20, 2009

Minnesota Majority protest took a lot of...

Photo voter protest (photo: Dick Taylor for Minnesota Majority)Drew Emmer (holding box) distributing "Election Integrity" golf balls to visiting secretaries of state. (Photo: Dick Taylor for Minnesota Majority)

Minnesota Majority launched its "ballsy" campaign to oust Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie with a humorous protest to get its message in front of Ritchie's peers. Last week, the group handed out free sleeves of golf balls as National Association of Secretaries of State conference attendees boarded their golf outing buses in Minneapolis.

According to Minnesota Majority's Dan McGrath, the golf balls were imprinted with the phrase "Election Integrity," and recipients were verbally encouraged to "keep your eye on the ball."

"With elections being decided by increasingly narrow margins," said McGrath in a press release, "even a fractional level of errors or abuse can call the legitimacy of elections into question. The only definite way to ensure an accurate reflection of the will of the people in an election is by requiring photo ID to verify identity and eligibility before voting."

The protest dovetailed with the launch of another campaign to unseat Ritchie, announced separately by the Republican Party of Minnesota.

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