Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tim Pawlenty, Jason Lewis address Tax Cut Rally

Tax Cut Rally 2009 (photo: North Star Liberty)
Thousands gathered Saturday afternoon at the Tax Cut Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol, many for the second time in as many months, to hear speakers, including Gov. Tim Pawlenty and nationally syndicated talk radio host Jason Lewis, speak out against tax increases and excessive spending. They also visited exhibitors that included sponsors from the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, Minnesota Majority, and 100.3 KTLK-FM.

Tyranny Response Team (photo: North Star Liberty)
Pawlenty pledged to veto any tax increase reaching his desk. Lewis commemorated the tenth annual Tax Cut Rally and vowed to fight for freedom and lower taxes. The Legislature, in session during the rally, was admonished more than once to "live within our [the state's] means."

The event had an added dimension compared to the April 15 Tea Party: a conservative issues fair, with over thirty organizations as large as Borders Books, the Libertarian Party, and the National Rifle Association, and many small organizations.

State Capitol (photo: North Star Liberty)
The crowd was peaceful and even festive. One of the booths was set up with laptop computers for attendees to electronically sign a petition to Pawlenty, urging him to veto any tax increase sent to him from the Legislature. Another of the booths was set up as a "Freedom Shrine" with copies of historic documents and portraits of American founders. Minnesota Majority gave away free printed booklets containing the text of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Food booths from barbecue to cheese curds to ice cream served long lines of customers.

We Are The Majority (photo: North Star Liberty)

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