Friday, May 01, 2009

SD 43 online

My Senate District BPOU, SD 43 Republicans, has launched its new and improved web site at I have had virtually no time to devote to help work on this site, so kudos to the SD 43 web team for a beautiful start.

With this central contact point for SD 43, I hope that the BPOU can build its volunteer base for the 2010 elections and beyond. SD 43 has changed over the past several cycles after the last redistricting, going from Republicans in the Senate and both House Districts to a Republican (Sarah Anderson) in the House 43A seat and DFLers in the Senate seat (Terri Bonoff) and HD 43B seat (John Benson).

Frankly, we no longer have the luxury of running things on cruise control, with the majority of the contact with volunteer activists happening after the precinct caucuses. Our future rests with young voters, who are more likely to be online or mobile rather than sitting at home answering a land line or reading direct mail lit. SD 43 will have to figure out its current demographics and tailor its strategies accordingly.

My friends in SD 45 provide an example worth emulating. They hold periodic informal "Chili and Chat" events, with good food and speakers such as Republican legislators. They raise some money for the BPOU, but more importantly build relationships and enthusiasm to fuel campaign activity during the election cycle.

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Bill said...

Thanks for the post (from the entire development team). I've attended one of SD45's coffee meetings, and would like to see something like that for SD43. I also hope to have a SD43 Facebook group formed very soon.