Friday, May 15, 2009

No shutdown, no special session, no new taxes

Governor Pawlenty, after inaction by the DFL Legislature to close the state's $6.4 billion budget deficit, which they are required to do by law, took bold action yesterday to declare that there will be no government shutdown, no special session, and no new taxes. The 2009 Legislative session will adjourn on Monday at midnight.

The DFL was caught flatfooted by the announcement. Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL-Minneapolis) appeared visibly shaken during the DFL response to the governor's announcement. A special session was apparently a part of their strategy all along, otherwise why send bills with tax increases to the governor in spite of his promise to veto any and all tax increases?

With DFL majorities in the Senate and House, the governor is the only man standing between the people and the DFL's massive, job-killing, family budget-busting tax increases for all Minnesotans. Pawlenty has the power of the line item veto and unallotment to protect the taxpayer, and he plans to use it if necessary. Bully for him. Stand strong, Governor Pawlenty, for government that lives within its means.

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