Friday, January 23, 2009

Brandon Sawalich launches website

Brandon Sawalich (photo: Brandon Sawalich)Brandon Sawalich, who is running for chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, has launched a website to build grassroots support for his candidacy.

Sawalich is also behind the website A New Day for Minnesota, at, which outlines a five-part strategy for revitalizing the Minnesota Republican party, including bulking up the grassroots (BPOUs for all of you insiders) and overhauling party tech infrastructure. This echoes similar conversations at the national level in groups like Rebuild the Party (Twitter: @rebuildtheparty) and others.

(Tech note for webheads: Net Brew Design's fresh A New Day for Minnesota website uses a bit of Mootools Javascript to very elegantly let you scroll several pages of text without loading multiple pages. Check it out.)

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