Friday, October 03, 2008

Campaign signs stolen in Plymouth

Here are the most recent campaign sign incidents reported to the Plymouth Police Department. The political party is not specified by the police reports. Please report campaign sign theft and vandalism to the police. And for God's sake, keep your hands off of campaign signs regardless of candidate.
  • Reported: 09-28-2008, 2900 block, Urbandale Ln N. Victim reported a 6' metal pole holding a political sign, and a driveway reflector were stolen from his yard last night.

  • Reported: 09-30-2008, 18000 block, 4th Av. Political sign taken from yard sometime overnight and replaced with opposition sign.

  • Reported: 09-30-2008, 500 block, Alvarado Ln N. Report of a political sign getting stolen from the front yard at the residence.

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Minnesocold said...

McCain and Prest signs were all stolen on my street Sept. 26. We found out where the kid lives this past weekend and we neighbors are filing a joint criminal report today.