Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All about Terri Bonoff

On April 12, at one of the most anticipated DFL endorsing conventions in years, a 30-year-old, ex-Republican, ex-U.S. Marine attorney from Plymouth with a compelling, immigrant American Dream story came out of political nowhere to win the Third Congressional District DFL endorsement after an eight-ballot showdown, over incumbent state Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka), the early-on presumptive nominee with name recognition, union support, and proven fundraising chops. The venue was Wayzata Central Middle School in Plymouth, in the heart of Bonoff's Senate District 43.

Yet curiously, in the post-endorsement issue of the Plymouth newspaper of record Sun Sailor, it was all about Bonoff.

The local weekly ran Bonoff's post-election letter-to-the-editor (in its own box, complete with three-column headline, pull-quote, photo, and prominent by-line), thanking supporters and her opponent, plus a news story of the endorsement. The news story by Joe Keiser covered the endorsement, but from Bonoff's point-of-view, featuring quotes from her but not from the endorsee, illustrated with a second copy of Bonoff's Senate mug shot but no photo of the endorsee.

It's as if the Sun Sailor narrowly avoided its own DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN moment.

I assume that Bonoff's endorsement opponent will eventually get some ink in the Sun Sailor. In the meantime, perhaps Bonoff can give him a few pointers on getting earned media.

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