Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Madia leads Bonoff in delegate count

Ashwin Madia (photo: Ashwin Madia for CongressThe CD-3 campaign of Ashwin Madia for Congress reports that he leads the DFL delegate count with 81.5 delegates, picking up 32 of 49 delegates at Saturday's eleven DFL BPOU conventions.

Minnesota Monitor reports that Madia's rival for the DFL endorsement, state Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka), holds 63 delegates. (By Madia's count, 8 of 18 delegates in Bonoff's home district SD 43 are pledged to Madia.)

Sixty percent of the CD-3 delegates are needed for endorsement at the April 12 DFL Third Congressional District convention. Bonoff reportedly has a wide lead among "superdelegates," incumbent legislators and party officers who live in the district, but as of Saturday, Madia has about 65% of the delegates.

Certainly, Madia's nickname won't be "Ashwin who?" for much longer.

Madia's first-generation immigrant rags-to-riches story, the epitome of the American dream including a stint as a JAG in the United States Marine Corps, is apparently playing well in the Third District. Yet his positions on the issues are the mirror image of his would-be Republican opponent. Whether Madia or Bonoff wins the DFL endorsement, voters will have a clear-cut liberal/conservative choice.

State Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Eden Prairie) is the only Republican running for the party endorsement for the CD-3 seat, which is being vacated by the retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad (R).

UPDATE: Minnesota Campaign Report is maintaining a CD-3 DFL delegate "scoreboard" in its left sidebar.


Joe said...


The total delegate number for the CD3 DFL convention is 158.5, not 124. 139.5 delegates were elected and there are 19 superdelegates.

--Joe Bodell

Scholar said...

I read this on Minnesota Monitor. I should have verified this independently. Thanks for the correction.