Monday, March 03, 2008

Lewis works to spark conservative reformation

Jason Lewis is building quite the conservative resource website at It is rapidly becoming a hub for conservative activists, with Jason's blog, a calendar of his public appearances, a gathering site for his official interest groups (the Tax Cut Coalition, and "Jason's Juggernauts" women's self-defense group), and a top-notch list of links to information and conservative activist groups.

Tired and frustrated at waiting for conservative leadership elsewhere, Lewis is beginning to lead a conservative reformation in Minnesota politics, but not from where he would be subject to the slings and arrows of elected office. Instead Lewis is working from his bully pulpit of talk radio, the Internet, and a growing network of conservative activists. Overreaching by the DFL in the Legislature this session, and the crumbling of the Pawlenty veto firewall, may be adding fuel to Lewis's fire. Where will it go from here? Stay tuned.

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