Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Off with their heads

We hear constantly from incumbent legislators about "reaching across the aisle," and "getting things done." Our DFL friends are praising the six Republican House members and two Republican Senators who voted to override Governor Pawlenty's veto of the first and largest tax increase of the nascent session (the first of many, you think it ain't?), as "thinking for themselves" — yeah right, like Sen. Joe Lieberman "thinks for himself" about the Global War on Terror.

Like the looter who returns to the same store over and over again when he discovers an easy payday, the Minnesota Legislature in 2008 is going to tax and spend with impunity until they have driven every big corporation (and many of its most productive citizens) out of the state and transformed Minnesota into a New Scandanavian Socialist Utopia, bankrupting it and its citizens forever of their money and their freedom. But what beautiful trains and stadiums we will have!

Now is the time for the Governor and legislative leadership to hold accountable the six Republican House members and two Republican Senators for stepping over the Governor's line in the sand, and embarrassing him while he was out of town chairing a meeting of the National Governors Association.

But more importantly, now is the time for conservative Republicans to take back the party by getting up off the couch and showing up at the following BPOU endorsing conventions. Deny these tax-and-spenders their endorsement for reelection, and run conservative candidates in their places. In some districts, this will be a long war, so we best get started now. Check back here for updates.

BPOUDateVenueTax RaiserEndorsed?
SD 48Sat., March 8Anoka City Hall Community Room, 2015 1st Ave, AnokaRep. Jim Abler (48B)NO
SD 41Sat., March 8Southwest Middle School Auditorium, 4725 South View Lane, EdinaRep. Ron Erhardt (41A)NO
SD 41Sat., March 8Southwest Middle School Auditorium, 4725 South View Lane, EdinaRep. Neil Peterson (41B)NO
SD 22TBDTBDRep. Rod Hamilton (22B)TBD
HD 13ATBDTBDRep. Bud Heidgerken (13A)TBD
SD 49TBDTBDRep. Kathy Tingelstad (49B)Not running for reelection
SD 21TBD(The Senate is up for election in 2010)
Sen. Dennis FredericksonTBD
SD 18TBD(The Senate is up for election in 2010)Sen. Steve DilleTBD


Yomi Mizuhara said...

From Residual Forces:

Rep. Rod Hamilton’s endorsing convention is going to be:

Friday Feb 29 at 7:00 PM
Methodist Church
974 6th Street, Windom

There will be high level Republican Party Officials there to encourage the BPOU not to endorse.

Scholar said...

Thanks Yomi and AAA for the info.

Yomi Mizuhara said...

Any updates on whether Heidgerken and Hamilton got their nominations renewed or held up?

lloydletta said...

The stadium tax was bipartisan - recall that Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases signed that bill - in the Dome - with Carl Pohlad looking on.

Scholar said...

The Strib quoted Erhardt after he lost his district's endorsement on Saturday: "I can't let 123 people decide my fate. They don't represent the district." He's right; those 123 people just represent the Republicans in his district!