Thursday, February 14, 2008

Johnson has a head start in Hennepin County

Hennepin County Government Center (photo: public domain, Wikimedia Commons)Former state Representative Jeff Johnson (R-Plymouth), who is running for the Republican endorsement for Hennepin County Commissioner in the northwest suburban District Seven, is building a strong case for a winning candidacy.

For example, Johnson's campaign recently reported his campaign finance numbers to the county:
  • 2008 Year-to-date revenues: $10,309.00
  • Year-to-date expenses: $2,090.26
  • Cash balance: $8,218.74

Johnson's rival for the Republican endorsement, state Sen. Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove) reported these totals for the same period:

  • 2008 Year-to-date revenues: $2,862.65
  • Year-to-date expenses: $664.82
  • Cash balance: $2,197.83

Fundraising is one way to measure a candidate's early support: when people vote through their wallets. And big money will be needed to reach voters through the hoopla of other high-profile races this year, from Congress to the White House.

Johnson is a veteran of the 2006 statewide campaign for Minnesota Attorney General. The television ads and lawn signs of this campaign, and his previous six years of service in House District 43A (northern Plymouth), established Johnson's name recognition throughout District Seven. In spite of the general "tough year for Republicans," and the fact that the state has had a Democrat in the Attorney General's office since 1970, Johnson says that he beat Lori Swanson by 10 percent in the district.

With a healthy campaign account and positive name recognition across Hennepin County, Johnson is already off to a good start in his race.

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