Thursday, May 24, 2007

Teenage Republicans to host Al Quie

With so many oppportunities in the public schools for kids to get indoctrinated in a wide variety of social issues, such as global warming, smoking bans (except marijuana), light rail, universal health care, gun control (except for criminals), Bush-bashing, global government, Robin Hood-style confiscatory progressive taxation, the radical secularization of American society, government employee unions, guaranteed equal outcomes for all, the list goes on, it's nice to find a forum where kids can hear the other side.

On Saturday June 9th at 7:00PM, the Minnesota Teenage Republicans (TARs) will be hosting an event featuring former Governor Albert H. Quie. The event will be held at Minnetonka High School, room to be announced.

This is the second state-wide meeting in Alex Friedman's term as chair. The Minnesota Teenage Republicans hope to use this meeting and its high profile guest to attract more teenagers to the organization. There are five official chapters of TARs functioning in the state. (Minnetonka, Coon Rapids, Mounds View, Perham and Lakeville North), with a much larger number of "young Republican" clubs in the state that are not yet affiliated with the central organization. Minnesota TAR hopes to increase the number of youth that are in contact with conservative principles and ultimately increase the number of teenage Republican clubs.

<hint> This will also be a prime opportunity for BPOUs to do some outreach in advance of 2008 — unless they already have enough people to pound lawn signs, lit drop, conduct voter registration drives, staff phone banks, walk parades, write letters to the editor, all things that teenagers have the time and energy to do between watching An Inconvenient Truth and searching for a place to fill up their parents' flex fuel vehicles with E-85.</hint>

Minnesota Teenage Republicans is an organization dedicated to educating kids between the ages of 13 and 18 on Republican Party politics, and getting Republicans candidates elected. This event is open to any high school student for free, as well as any adult chaperone or community leaders.


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