Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chili & Chat redux

It seems like SD 45 just had their first Chili & Chat, and now here comes another one in just a few weeks! The last one drew grassroots activists from three or four surrounding BPOUs. In addition to meeting and greeting, I'll be looking to catch the residual buzz on the Republican State Central Committee meeting. I anticipate another fun evening to hobnob with my fellow Republicans and have some great home cookin' without the constraints of Robert's Rules of Order. I hope they do another presidential straw poll (Newt won the first one, but Fred Thompson wasn't even on the radar back in March).

Bravo to SD 45 for this wonderful series of BPOU-building events. It should be replicated and adapted by other BPOUs across the state. Hat tip to Rob Hewitt and SD 63 for this great idea.

Here's your invite:
Here's a great opportunity to hear some inside war stories from this year's stormy session. Just how bad did it get? Please join us to find out at our second Senate District 45 Chili & Chat. This night's topic: The 2007 Legislative Session —DFL Lowlights & GOP Highlights.

The DFL legislators gambled on busting our state budget with over $4 billion dollars worth of spending with some outrageous bills. But GOP leadership sent them home by holding firm and united. Hear first-hand accounts of this year’s session and meet activists who helped us all win.

Mark your calendars on June 19, 2007 to listen to and ask questions of these stars of movement conservatism in Minnesota:

Rep. Tom Emmer, Deputy Minority Leader, 19B

And Special Guest Speakers, Radio Show Hosts and Bloggers:

Northern Alliance Radio’s “Final Hour” Hosts
King Banaian “SCSU Scholars”
Michael Brodkorb “MN Democrats Exposed”

Tuesday, June 19, 6:30-8:30 pm
Cooper High School, New Hope
8240 47th Avenue (one block west of Winnetka Avenue)

Fee: $10 per person (FREE with $50 BPOU donation)
Includes Chili dogs, BBQ pork sandwiches & trimmings, cookie & beverage.
Chili Chat—Good Food. Good Friends. Good Politics.

See the SD 45 web site for details.

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