Monday, April 02, 2007

Follow the leader

In his Wright County Republican post, "Why I support Ron Carey," Drew Emmer makes his case in support of the current chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Unfortunately, I am not as sanguine about Carey as Emmer seems to be.

Emmer says, "We all could have done a better job last fall. Ultimately the wins and losses belong to the candidates." OK, so you're saying that state Republican candidates had a mass case of malaise in 2006? Au contraire, I saw lots of Republican candidates campaigning hard on the ground — but where was the close air support from the state party? Does all of the blame belong to the candidates?

"My primary concern for the chairman position," continues Emmer, "is the ability to raise significant money to win back the majorities in 2008. I know Ron can raise the dough." Well, my sources are saying that the DFL out-fundraised us in 2006 big time under chairman Carey. Will Carey find that the Norm Coleman campaign, presidential campaign, and the Republican National Convention are enough to float our boats to majorities back in Saint Paul? Or would a new fundraising commander-in-chief, such as Let Freedom Ring's favorite, Joe Repya be more effective?

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