Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome back, Kotter

After a brief hiatus after election day, Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins returns to the Polinaut blog in a big way. The unfairly talented and creative folks at MPR have created another wonderful, underpromoted (practically secret unless you read Polinaut) little goody for us bloggers and other political wonks, hacks, and hangers-on.

As an encore to their fabulous election results widget, which appeared on this blog on Election Day, MPR presents the Minnesota Fantasy Legislature game. Like a fantasy sports league, the MFL will provide players and spectators with the ability to track individual legislators by their "stats," or various achievements in the process of introducing and passing legislation. If it were a radio show, Dan Barreiro and Mary Lahammer would be co-hosts.

It promises to be more fun, and provide more insight than The Apprentice game on Yahoo!. Well, maybe not more fun, but the game appears to be very well set up. Check it out during session, and look for more leagues next year.

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