Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Policy and a Pint liveblog

10:48 pm They are picking up the trash and striking the sets and electronic equipment. Even Julia Shrenkler, who hovered over the blogger pit all evening, taking care of us, has disappeared. It is a big night for the Dems, but the governor's race is still a dead heat. Logging off; see you tomorrow.

10:40 pm The broadcast is over, the video lights are down, and everyone is leaving.

10:35 pm SD 33 remains in the Republican Red, with incumbents Sen. Gen Olson (SD 33), Steve Smith (33A) (unopposed), and newcomer John Berns (33B) (retiring Rep. Barb Sykora's open seat) with large leads with over 75% of precincts counted.

10:31 pm Rich Stanek appears to have won the race for Hennepin County Sheriff, with 88.5% of the precincts counted.

10:25 pm The broadcast is winding down, the audience has shrunk a bit more, some of the bloggers have retired to the DFL election night party.

10:19 pm Mark Kennedy is making his concession speech. The DFL candidates are leading all of the statewide races.

10:05 pm I met Michael Skoler, of the Public Insight Journalism initiative here. I complimented him on the PIJ brochure that I received at the debate at the Fitzgerald Theatre on Sunday. He told me that they have added many thousands of participants since the brochure was printed, and that they are taking the program national.

9:50 pm Overall, this event has been quite ambitious, with the many live interviews, the blog pit, DJ music, audience participation. They even had a trivia contest like they have in bars, with little remote controls for people to answer instantly, and results tabulated on the screens. My one complaint is the selection of interview subjects. They seem a little on the liberal/progressive side: university types, Britt Robson from City Pages, and international commentators (nice idea). How about inviting some conservative guests next time?

I am however finding it difficult to concentrate as well as I usually do during blogging. Even the live hosts are having a hard time hearing over the conversations. So if the writing here tonight isn't quite up to your expectations, it isn't up to mine either.

9:35 pm Amy Klobuchar is making her acceptance speech. She will become our next junior Senator from Minnesota.

9:35 pm Jim Ramstad is a bright spot for Republicans, apparently easily defeating challenger Wendy Wilde. Tim Pawlenty trails Mike Hatch, 48.8% to 42.7%, with 16.8% of precincts reporting. The standing room crowd here appears to have dwindled a bit.

9:21 pm Secretary of State says with just under half of precincts reporting:

Senate 43

(DFL) Terri Bonoff: 7,535 (51.8%)
(R) Judy Johnson: 6,994 (48.1%)
Write-In: 16 (0.1%)

House 43A

(DFL) Sandy Hewitt 3,057 (50.7%)
(R) Sarah Anderson 2,962 (49.2%)
Write-In 6 (0.1%)

House 43B

(DFL) John Benson 4,249 (51.4%)
(R) Dave Johnson 4,009 (48.5%)
Write-In 6 (0.1%)

9:11 pmThe interviews up on stage are talking about dissatsifaction with the war on terror, diversity, international perspectives.

8:44 pmWe are surrounded by an impressive array of technology.

First, the blog pit is outfitted with wireless Internet. The event is being webcast at the MPR web site, with three cameras. There is one main screen, front and center, with screens on each side of the stage. There are rows of chairs and a side standing room area. There is a continuous program up front, with interviews, commentary, and election announcements.

Over 200 free tickets were made available for tonight's event. They are all gone.

8:35 pm NOT GOING WELL, BLOGGER.COM BUSY. WIRELESS CONNECTION DROPS OCCASIONALLY. Plus I got here late, have not eaten or even seen any of the food, and it does not look good for the Republicans tonight.

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Julia Schrenkler said...

Hey Matt - I left to check in our on online groups and the off site volunteers!

We were really happy to have you at MPR. Very, very cool.