Friday, November 10, 2006

Judy Johnson statement

Judy Johnson sent this e-mail to her supporters today. Win or lose, whether you agree with her on this issue or that, Johnson is a class act.
I want to thank all of the volunteers who worked so hard on my campaign for State Senate. I met the most wonderful folks who will be my life long friends for their selfless dedication during this past election phoning, door knocking, dropping campaign literature, writing letters of support and holding Judy! signs on election day.

I also want to thank my family. Without them, none of this would ever be possible. My husband, Phil, supported me beyond belief and worked hard putting up all of the Judy! signs all over our community. My children stood by me and endured some amazing times, some not so easy, but they worked with me everyday door knocking, stuffing envelopes and building my website. My mother, Lois, stepped up to help keep things running smoothly at home, phoning and passing out literature. My sister-in-law, Helen, was the wind beneath my wings and the best campaign manager anyone could ever hope for. She worked tirelessly along side me each and everyday.

I am overwhelmed by what a great campaign we ran. We can hold our heads high because we talked about the issues that matter to our community, working for a brighter future in our state.

To the voters, I am deeply grateful for all of your support over the years. I will continue serving as Mayor of Plymouth through the end of the year. I am so honored to be part of such a wonderful city and will continue being involved working to make a positive difference for my fellow citizens and friends.

Lastly, I wish Senator Terri Bonoff all the best as she serves at the Capitol on behalf of our senate district.

At Your Service,

Judy Johnson
Mayor of Plymouth

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