Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Taxpayers League blog!

Finally, the Taxpayers League of Minnesota has a blog. Finally.

Up to now, Minnesota's first couple of conservatism and cigars, David Strom and the lovely Margaret Martin, have provided their insightful opinions on their personal blog, Our House. On the new TLM blog, State of Nature, David and Margaret will be joined by Taxpayers League staff Jordan, Hobbes, and Matt.

I think the name is a tad esoteric, but welcome to the blogosphere, TLM.

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Margaret said...

You should have seen the first iteration of the blog if you think this is esoteric. David wanted to call it "The Symposium" and for us to all take names from the characters in Plato's symposium. You can take the boy out of Political Philosophy but you can't take the Political Philosophy out of the boy.