Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Prove it

Stadium tax? What stadium tax?

The letters-to-the-editor fact checking policy at the Plymouth Sun Sailor newspaper has gotten much more stringent under Joe Kieser. A North Star Liberty reader shared this reply he received after submitting his letter about Sen. Terri Bonoff's vote in favor of the $1.1 billion, 30-year Hennepin County sales tax to the Sun Sailor:
Thanks for your letter submittal, but there are a few have to submit proof of what you are claiming Bonoff voted for and where you come up with the $1.1 billion number. I ask that you re-submit this information with your letter when you can. Since I will be out of the office after 5 p.m. Monday through the end of the week, I ask that you re-submit this letter with the information I asked for to


Joe Kieser
I find it odd that Kieser asked someone to e-mail a letter to the editor to a web site address that first of all is not the newspaper's web site, and second is not possible since you can only send e-mail to an e-mail address, not a URL. Oh well, maybe he was in a hurry to get out of the office.

I find it remarkable that Kieser has apparently not heard of the stadium bill (HF 2480) or the $1.1 billion, 30-year Hennepin County sales tax. It was in all the newspapers (with the possible exception of the Sun Sailor)!

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lloydletta said...

I think the people writing the letter should resubmit. The point is to get the letter published - and there is time to get the letter published prior to the election.

Matt said...

I have already said as much to the letter's author. To be fair, this letter makes statements that did not appear in a Sun Sailor story, and so were not fact-checked by the newspaper.