Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberal is the new moderate

A letter to the editor appeared in this week's Sun Sailor and Lakeshore Weekly News that illustrates how "moderate" is truly in the eyes of the beholder [with editor's notes]:
My definition of a moderate is someone who respects a woman's right to choose [abortion on demand], will stand strong behind the teaching of science [unless it conflicts with Darwinian macroevolution dogma] and will not allow the Constitution to be an instrument of politics and the religious right [but will allow the judiciary to be an instrument of politics and the secular left]. Until Judy [Johnson] answers these questions [liberally], I will not consider her a moderate.

My vote Nov. 7 will be for a senator with a proven track record on these issues, a genuine moderate, Sen. Terri Bonoff.

Peter Hill
Be sure to check out this week's Sun Sailor for their always thorough voter guide, encourage your friends and family to learn about their candidates, and vote on November 7.

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