Monday, August 28, 2006

Distortions and attacks

Supporters of Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) have written letters to the editor accusing supporters of a referendum on the $1.1 billion Hennepin County stadium sales tax of "distorting" Sen. Bonoff's record and attacking the good senator.

Presumably, those same Bonoff supporters are telling the MN Publius blog to get off their side. Last week, Matt Martin of MN Publius posted a hasty attack on Plymouth Mayor and Sen. Bonoff's challenger in Senate District 43, Judy Johnson. It should be linked on Wikipedia at "innuendo," or "whole cloth."

Martin attempted to portray Johnson as politically inept by asking whether she snubbed the Minnetonka Festival in favor of visiting with President George W. Bush during his fundraising visit here, and falsely reported that Johnson's husband was at the festival. Martin's post was so far off base, he had no choice but to acknowledge that "[Johnson] was at the Plymouth City Council meeting that night but sent volunteers to the festival. I was straight-up wrong about her husband being there, so I apologize for that. And, admittedly, my questioning was rather suggestive, so I also apologize for any misleading suggestions I may have made."

Actually, not only was Johnson "at" the Plymouth City Council meeting, she was chairing the meeting as mayor, which most would be pleased that she was doing that night, instead of campaigning in Minnetonka. Minnesota Democrats Exposed has the rest of the story, including a statement from Johnson.

Unfortunately for them, Bonoff's supporters have to defend Bonoff's Senate voting record (like voting to grant Hennepin County an exemption from state law that would have required a referendum on the stadium tax), but cannot attack Johnson's Senate voting record, or the rest of her resume. So they have to make up stuff!

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