Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!By now, newspaper readers all over the west metro know that Ellen Dustman was "stunned" (in the July 14 Plymouth Sun Sailor and July 11 Star Tribune) or "surprised" (in this week's Lakeshore Weekly News) "to see internet blogger Matt Abe's letter stating that Sen. Terri Bonoff is out of touch with constituents."

Dustman serves with Bonoff on the Legislative Action Coalition for the financially troubled Hopkins School District.

I'm not even sure that my original letter ran in the Strib, although it did run in the two west suburban weeklies. Does anyone still have a June 28 Strib (the letters for this date, which is referenced in Dustman's Strib version of her letter, are no longer online)? Ellen, can you confirm that it ran in the Strib?

For the record, I said that Bonoff is "out of tune (in disagreement with)" with her constituents, not "out of touch (ignorant of her constituents' views)." I know she is in touch because she and Dustman read this blog! Thankfully, Dustman made the correction in the version of her letter printed in the Weekly News. (Although I think "stunned" is a more memorable word than "surprised.") Unfortunately, none of Dustman's letters included the URL of — or links to — this blog.

If anyone sees Dustman's letter run in any other newspaper, let me know. Stay in touch, everyone!

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