Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Most folks would understand if Judy Johnson had decided not to enter the race for the Minnesota Senate in district 43 again this year.

The popular Plymouth mayor lost the special election five months ago to fill the seat vacated by Republican David Gaither, who was appointed Governor Tim Pawlenty's chief of staff. Instead, the seat went to DFLer Terri Bonoff by 9 points, in an election with a voter turnout of only 20%. It was a tough loss politically and personally.

But even on election night 2005, with family and friends gathered around her, it seemed that Judy Johnson may have been down, but she was definitely not out. Senate Minority Leader Dick Day (R-Owatonna) predicted that night that Judy would be back. Those of us know know Judy Johnson — a longtime public servant, seasonsed candidate, and dedicated Republican — knew deep down that the happy warrior would be back.

In a letter to SD 43 delegates, Johnson sounded energized as she asked for their endorsement at the district convention on Saturday, April 22 at Hopkins North Junior High School. Excerpts:
This campaign and election will be a very different story than the special election for SD43. With your support and an “All Hands on Deck!” campaign, we will bring home a victory, taking back our Senate seat while retaining our two House seats this year.

My supporters and I believe I can win this race and better serve our district, but I will need your endorsement and help. I believe in the values of hard work, the foundation of family, the importance of faith, the respect for life, and personal and fiscal responsibility. Like you, I am proud to promote our Republican, common sense, ideals.

I know how hard people work for every dollar they earn. I will continue to treat every tax dollar as a sacrifice families have made to invest in our community. In the Senate, I will continue to be the steadfast fiscal watchdog that I have been as mayor of Plymouth and city council member, while still investing in legitimate local needs like public safety, roads and infrastructure. Under my leadership as mayor, Plymouth remains a top notch community to live, work and play with one of the lowest tax rates in the entire state along with its Aaa bond rating — which only a handful of cities possess nationwide. I will bring this proven record of fiscal conservatism to the state Senate and will balance the demands and needs of our state including education, transportation, healthcare, economic growth, public safety and the environment.

Last fall, the DFL Party spent well over $100,000 and other ultra-liberal special interest groups added even more money and volunteers to defeat us in the special election. They will work very hard to retain this seat, but we will fight even harder to take it back!
Look for special coverage of the SD 43 convention at North Star Liberty.

Senate District 43 Endorsing Convention

8:30 am (registration opens) - Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hopkins North Junior High School

10700 Cedar Lake Road, Minnetonka MN 55305

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