Wednesday, April 05, 2006


As a Republican party activist, I am disheartened to hear of a fellow activist or contributor who is leaving the party. It is especially so when fellow conservatives cite their disappointment with how incumbent Republicans vote and act, seemingly abandoning the conservative base who got them elected.

Yesterday a blogger named American Iron expressed his intentions to leave the party in "Why I'm Done With Political Parties, Especially the RNC."
America is now faced with two major party choices: an RNC of politically incompetent and disingenuous geeks who talk big and succeed little at implementing the party platform, and a DNC whose goal is a benevolent dictatorship of politically correct socialism ruled by left-wing elites. All of the other choices are too small and impotent to have any major influence on American politics, making them irrelevant. The Founders' warning has come true and now I understand and appreciate their wisdom even more than before. Therefore, I'll adopt their wisdom and abandon all allegiance to any party with no regrets. I'll also be a better patriot for doing so.

...When it comes to politics, the party is over as far as I'm concerned.

This goes way beyond winning elections, it has to do with how Republicans govern. But we have to win elections before we can govern. Conservative campaign rhetoric must translate directly into courageous like-minded leadership, or the base will stay home and the Democrats will win. Or the party will move to the left, and we will all be Democrats anyway. Some argue that it has already happened.


supermilarocks said...
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Tony said...

My disillusion with the party is the nearly free pass that Bachmann's distortions have been getting within the party. Moral people should not be standing with her.

My disillusion with the party is the fiscal irresponsibility being shown yet again this session.

My disillusion with the party is allowing Kennedy to act as if there are no other candidates, major or not, longshot or not, in the race for the GOP endorsement WHILE acknowledging the longshot campaigns in other major races.

I joined the GOP because they made me believe they were about Right vs Wrong. If things do not improve quickly by the 6th CD convention (which includes the session) then I will leave the party.

Joey said...

I'm with Matt here. You can't run from it and expect to find a better option. We have a two-party system. It was only after admitting that fact that I was able to effectively take the next step towards activism.

Reagan didn't rise in the ranks of the Republican Party by turning his back on the party that supported moderates like Nixon. He took the bull by the horns and reformed it. That's the attitude we need to bring back.