Thursday, March 02, 2006

The top ten reasons to attend your precinct caucus on March 7, continued

9. Minnesota's precinct caucuses are the topsoil of the grassroots movement.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." —Plato

The more visible party convention and candidate campaign process later this year will be weaker if you don't nurture the precinct caucus topsoil with your participation. The precinct caucuses are where your Basic Political Operating Unit (BPOU, mostly state Senate Districts in the metro areas, counties outstate) meets and recruits volunteers, and elects its delegates to the conventions. The precinct caucus is where you can sign up and get information about participating in the political process, like helping on campaigns, registering to vote, and serving as an election judge.

SD 43 caucus attendees will also get information on how to sign up for the BPOU Meetup Group on

8. The precinct caucus is where you can submit changes to the party platform.

The party has a document that lists its core values, called a standing platform. This document forms the basis for legislation and defines the agenda that the party will work to advance. At the precinct caucus, you and your neighbors will have an opportunity to present and vote on platform additions and changes. Successful platform resolutions will advance to the BPOU convention, Congressional district convention, and state convention.

7. The precinct caucus is where you sign up to participate in party endorsing conventions.

At the caucus, your neighbors in your precinct will elect several delegates to represent the precinct at the party conventions. There, delegates will vote on platform resolutions and endorse candidates. This year, the entire Legislature, Governor Tim Pawlenty, State Auditor Pat Anderson, and Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer are up for reelection. Rep. Jeff Johnson (R 43A-Plymouth) is running for Minnesota Attorney General. U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy and Harold Shudlick are running for the endorsement for U.S. Senate, and 3rd District Congressman Jim Ramstad is up for reelection. So there will be many endorsements to vote on.

By participating in BPOU activities, debating the party platform, and endorsing candidates, you make the party stronger and help to advance its agenda.

For further information about Precinct Caucus Night 2006, visit the Minnesota GOP web site or the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State.

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