Tuesday, March 07, 2006

See you at the caucus

Tonight is your prime opportunity to enter the political party process in Minnesota, at your neighborhood precinct caucus. It's also the official kickoff to the 2006 campaign season. See you there.

From the Republican Party of Minnesota:
The 2006 Precinct Caucuses are an opportunity for Republicans from around the state to determine the direction of our Party and plan for the November elections. The importance of attending these caucuses cannot be overstated. Our success in November hinges on our ability to organize, mobilize, and activate volunteers throughout Minnesota. Precinct Caucuses are the first step in this process.

At the caucuses, you will have the opportunity to discuss and propose changes to the Republican Party platform as well as run for and/or vote for delegates to your local district convention. Most importantly, you will be making a statement of support for our President and our Party.

For further info: Republican Party of Minnesota Caucus 2006 page

Check back starting tomorrow for coverage of the Republican precinct caucuses for Senate District 43 (Plymouth) at Wayzata Central Middle School.

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