Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good luck, Rebecca

Yes I know there are many more important things to be blogging about, but it's my blog and I'll indulge if I want to. For the first time a native Minnesotan is in the "final two" on The Apprentice. Rebecca Jarvis, 24, is a St. Paul Academy alum and former KARE-11 TV on-air reporter for the Saturday morning "Whatever" show. During the second episode of the season, she broke her ankle during a hockey scrimmage. Since then she has been gamely hopping and hobbling around on crutches. She has been seen stepping up to the plate, but early on she inexplicably threw herself in front of a Boardroom bus (she survived) to save a weaker player (fired the following week), and has a worse win-loss performance than her formidable opponent, Randall.

The final Task is tonight. The Donald will choose his next Apprentice on next week's season finale. Good luck, Rebecca.

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