Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Special election day coverage

Remember to vote today in the Minnesota Senate District 43 and 19 special elections. Click here for your polling place. Let us know in the comments how busy your polling place was.

When I voted in Plymouth Precinct 14 at Wayzata Central Middle School, I was the only voter in the entire polling place. I was outnumbered by the election judges by a margin of four to one. Especially in low-turnout elections, every vote counts. It could be a close race.

Judy Johnson's campaign lawn signs are decorated with American flags today. Terri Bonoff had volunteers waving her campaign signs near the transit stop at I-394 and Plymouth Road during morning rush hour.

In SD 19, it's a three-way race between the DFLer John Dietering, Independence Party candidate Del Haag, and Republican candidate Amy Koch.

The polls close at 8:00 pm tonight.


lloydletta said...

Amy Koch won handily. Terri Bonoff won in SD 43. It will be interesting to see the turnout. I think Intelligent Design hurt Judy big time. I'm suprised she didn't talk more about the stadium issue - because that would have helped her.

Both candidates ran good positive campaigns, and I applaud them both for that.

Matt said...

I heard an anecdotal comment last night that many voters in Minnetonka are OK with a Hennepin County tax without referendum. What next: "Raise My Taxes" lawn signs?