Friday, November 04, 2005

Political party

A few dozen of Judy Johnson's relatives, close personal friends, and assorted public figures gathered last night at the cozy confines of the busy, newly-opened Woody's Grille in Plymouth, to officially kick off Johnson's campaign for state Senator from SD 43. The best part of political parties is, well, the parties — especially with the attentive waitstaff and delish hors d'oeuvres provided at Woody's.

I represented the MOB by hobnobbing with Mayor Johnson, SD 43 activists, government relations/lobbyist types, and Judy and her husband Phil's family and friends. I arrived just after Governor Tim Pawlenty left for another event across town, and just before Sen. Dick Day (R-Owatonna) finished chatting up Johnson's supporters. Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein, stadium tax opponent and SD 43 co-chair John Knight, and Minnetonka Mayor Karen Anderson also rubbed shoulders with party guests. One of your fellow North Star Liberty readers was also there, humbling me with compliments for the blog.

According to Johnson and her campaign manager, Plymouth deputy mayor Tim Bildsoe, Johnson is enjoying the ground game of campaigning: door knocking, scoring lawn sign locations, lit dropping, and talking to voters. Both Johnson and her opponent, Terri Bonoff, are also receiving campaign assistance from their respective state parties in the form of mailings and phone bank calling.

The special election for this Senate seat (and in SD 19) is Tuesday, November 22, which is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If you will not be in town or can't get to the polls that day, you can vote absentee on the ballots mailed to SD 43 residents, or contact the Minnesota Secretary of State's office.


lloydletta said...

Judy's answer to the Intelligent Design Creationism question at the Chamber debate is problematic. The Strib article yesterday about this race hurt Judy's campaign.

Skid said...

I was there too and was not impressed. My wife and I stood in the corner the whole time and nobody introduced themselves or came up to meet us except Sen. Day; not the governor, not the candidate. They were too busy hobnobbing with their friends. We are new transplants from WI where we were active in the GOP. There, I couldn't get two minutes alone with my Assemblyman because he had to work the room (and I was the county chair!) There, Gov. Tommy Thompson would come up to me and ask me about children (whose names he had remembered from the last time we talked!)
Well, we gave Judy $50 but if this is what MN politics is like, its not worth being active in.

Matt said...

Sorry you had a poor first impression. If you send me your contact info (northstarliberty at yahoo dot com), I'll make sure you are properly welcomed to the party and to SD 43 in particular.