Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wayzata school board candidate forum set for Nov. 3

The Wayzata School District PTA/PTSO Liaison Committee is conducting a School Board Candidate Forum next Thursday, November 3, at 7:30 PM in the Central Middle School Auditorium.

Now what could possibly be exciting enough to get everyone to TiVO The Apprentice in the precious few hours of free time on a Thursday night and drive over to Central Middle School to sit through a debate on the esoteric issues of running a public school district?

How about one word: trust.

We elect directors whom we trust to run the schools in our district, so we don't have to. Over the years I have met, spoken with, served on committees with, and gotten to know Wayzata Board of Education directors Greg Baufield, Gary Landis, Carter Peterson, Pat Gleason, and Connie Doepke. Peterson is running for re-election along with John Moroz; Doepke is retiring from the board at the end of her current term.

While I may not agree with them on every issue, I have found them all to be smart, dedicated public servants whom I trust to work with each other and the community to make the Wayzata School District one of Minnesota's best. This is important to me as a resident, a taxpayer, and a parent with children in the Wayzata schools.

You can't trust someone whom you don't know anything about. So if you are a district resident, read the candidate bios and essays in the latest Plymouth Sun Sailor voter's guide (in home this week), and show up to next week's forum ready to listen and ask questions. If you live elsewhere, I encourage you to do the same due diligence where you live.

Then vote for the candidates of your choice on Tuesday, November 8.

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