Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Election days in SD 43

Checks and Balances incorrectly reported yesterday that there are no elections in Plymouth on November 8. The Wayzata Independent School District is holding a levy referendum with two questions, plus a school board election for three seats. In Minnetonka, some northern precincts of which are in SD 43, is also holding a school board election, where six candidates are vying for three seats.

C&B also reported that Tony Wagner is in the race. Either they scooped both me and Eva Young (who has been following this race very closely), or C&B is reporting old news (Wagner is not in the race to my knowledge).

See y'all on the campaign trail!


Thetruthisoutthere said...

Three endorsed Republican candidates are running in the Osseo School Board race.

1. Steve Antolak
2. George Mills
3. Larry McGee

3 spots, 3 GOPers. Some would say coincidence, others would say providence.


lloydletta said...

It will be good to find out whether they support creationism.

lloydletta said...

Shawn's in error on that one. I saw Tony Carlson say he'd support Bonoff at the district convention.