Monday, October 17, 2005


Regarding the alleged off-field behavior of certain highly-paid professional football players (i.e., Arctic Blast, Randy Moss in general, Vikings sex cruise a.k.a. the Bacchanal on the Canal or Win One for the Stripper), they apparently feel no quaint "obligation to the community" to act as role models for youth, honorably represent the team in their off hours, obey the law, or even hire Minnesota, uh, entertainers.

Perhaps they have earned the right to free-ride college scholarships and pro contracts, but one thing they have definitely not earned is to profit from a state-subsidized football stadium. I applaud Vikings owner Zigi Wilf's outrage, and sympathize with those in the Vikings organization who have kept the franchise's Norm Van Brocklin/Bud Grant legacy. But to today's Vikings: Build Your Own Ballpark.

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