Friday, June 10, 2005

A spring storm of conservative thought

Our state Senator out here in SD 43 (Plymouth), David Gaither, has written a nifty little article that sums up how the entitlement society is unsustainable, and why the ownership society is both America's heritage and its future. It appears in the Spring 2005 American Experiment Quarterly, published by the Center of the American Experiment (CAE).

Gaither's article is one of over forty related short essays by the likes of educators Chester Finn (Fordham Foundation), Todd Flanders (Providence Academy), and Joe Nathan (University of Minnesota Center for School Change); former Congressman Tim Penny; Tom Prichard (Minnesota Family Council); and commentator Dwight Rabuse.

Randy Wanke checks in on the CAE home page with columns on gambling and intellectual diversity at MSU Mankato. [Wanke has had just about every communications-related job I have ever wanted with Brian Sullivan, the Republican Party of Minnesota, and the Taxpayers League of Minnesota (in addition to and/or including Bill Walsh's various assignments, notably as Cheri Pierson Yecke's communications director at the Minnesota Department of Education).]

And speaking of our friend and Congressional candidate Cheri Yecke, not one but three of her education studies for the CAE are featured on its home page.

Bloggers and other denizens of the blogosphere should head directly for a first-person account of Rathergate by the Powerline guys, John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson.

Kudos to the Center for another powerhouse Quarterly and for fanning the flames of conservative ideas.

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