Saturday, August 15, 2015

A new hope


The SD44 Republicans held their annual picnic in Plymouth Thursday evening. Just like at baseball spring training, hope springs eternal before caucus and convention season begins. This year was no exception, but the mood was palpably different this time due to the current large, credible field of Republican presidential candidates vying for the attention of delegates. We cast our straw poll ballots by voting for our top three favorite candidates.

A mixture of campaign veterans and new faces enjoyed a catered barbecue dinner, conversations about kids and grandkids, Gov. Dayton's proposed special legislative session, gas and property tax increases, and of course the two recent presidential candidate debates.

Chris Fields, Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, reminded everyone of our shared Republican values, thanked his fellow veterans for their service, and gave some encouraging news about the state party's finances.

Janet Beihoffer, National Committeewoman, Minnesota GOP, announced that the state party will conduct its precinct caucuses on March 1, which is shaping up to be a Super Tuesday of caucuses and primary elections that will determine delegates to the party conventions.

Jeff Johnson, Hennepin County Commissioner, assured constituents that the county has plenty of their money, judging by its questionable spending priorities, which Johnson often opposes.

SD33 Sen. Dave Osmek invited everyone to his one and only fundraiser for the biennium, which will feature special guest Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN6).

SD44A Rep. Sarah Anderson promised picnic-goers that the Republican-controlled House will not pass a gas tax increase, period-end-of-story.

Senate District chair Patti Meier announced these upcoming events:

September 26, 2015
Plymouth on Parade

October 8, 2015
SD44 Republicans Gala
Medina Country Club

March 1, 2016 "Super Tuesday"
Precinct Caucuses
Wayzata Central Middle School

July 18-21, 2016
Republican National Convention
Cleveland, Ohio

November 8, 2016
General Election Day

The results of the day's straw poll were posted on the senate district's Facebook page. Participants were asked to vote for their top three candidates.

21% Carly Fiorina
17% Scott Walker
13% Marco Rubio
12% Ben Carson
12% Ted Cruz

All others <10%