Wednesday, June 30, 2010

See no evil

Minnesota has a reputation for running clean elections, but how do we really know that if allegations of voter fraud are never seriously investigated?

On Monday, Minnesota Majority released its report, "Report on Fraudulent Votes Cast by Ineligible Felons in Minnesota’s 2008 General Election." That's right, convicted felons, at least several hundreds of them, who are prohibited by law from voting, may have been permitted to vote in Minnesota in 2008. If these allegations are true, and Minnesota Majority has documented evidence to support its claims, it raises serious questions about Minnesota's election integrity.

On his campaign web site, GOP-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State Dan Severson tells of his unsuccessful attempts as a state legislator to get claims of voter fraud investigated. From Severson's campaign web site:
Severson, a fourth-term state representative, was contacted by a poll watcher making serious claims about election fraud. He has investigated the allegations and helped file affidavits describing the complaints.

All to no avail, says Severson, R-Sauk Rapids.

"[Current Minnesota Secretary of State Mark] Ritchie's office says we had a clear and transparent election. Nothing could be further from the truth," he charged.
What other voter irregularities, in fact attacks on our traditionally free and fair elections, are going undetected if the Secretary of State's office is asleep at the switch? If the Secretary of State refuses to look into allegations of voter fraud, then Severson's common sense and inexpensive election reforms, including photo ID to vote (supported by over 70% of Minnesotans) and the elimination of vouching as a method of voter ID, are all the more urgently needed to preserve the will of the people in the election process.

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