Friday, April 10, 2009

Minnesota budget solutions

Serious, principle-based budget solutions have been proposed by two Minnesota groups. They merit serious consideration by the Legislature and Gov. Pawlenty to solve the state's $6.4 billion budget deficit. As an informed citizen and taxpayer, you should check them out, too, and let your legislator know what you think about them.

The Minnesota Budget Solutions Coalition, a group of grassroots non-profit organizations led by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and Minnesota Majority, has published its recommendations in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read document on its web site. The recommendations are based on four core values:
  • Limited government
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • No new tax increases
  • Long-term solutions instead of quick fixes

The Center for the American Experiment has just published its budget recommendations in a document called Preparing For an Even More Demanding Future. It has four goals:

  • Promote job growth
  • Expand economic freedom
  • Bring balance to budgets beyond the next biennium
  • Obtain more value from government programs

Please urge your legislators to seriously consider these proposals as a way to solve our state's fiscal crisis and establish a better way forward for the state of Minnesota. And show your support for these principles by attending the Tax Day Tea Party near you next Wednesday, and the Tax Cut Rally on May 2 at the Minnesota State Capitol.

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