Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MPR to LRT: not in our front yard

MPR reports that a fascinating showdown is brewing between the Central Corridor light rail transit (LRT) line, the Met Council, and the City of Saint Paul on one side, versus a group of longtime downtown Saint Paul residents on Cedar Street: two churches and Minnesota Public Radio.

MPR is understandably concerned about the location of the proposed light rail line: twelve feet away from the front door of its broadcast center, where the rolling boondoggle would generate considerable noise and vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and access issues. Central Presbyterian Church and the Church of St. Louis, as well as several concert venues, would also feel the effects of the light rail tracks and its unsightly accoutrements. As MPR reported, lines in the sand are being drawn:
Metropolitan Council Chairman Peter Bell said a study to look at a different route is, in his words, a "Herculean task," that could delay the project by two years. He says MPR's memo to the project office last week has already raised red flags with the Federal Transit Administration.

[Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said:] "Quite frankly, they're threatening the future of downtown St. Paul and the entire city."

In a position statement, MPR says, "MPR continues to support the Central Corridor LRT project." It is asking that an alternate route just one block to the east be considered. This story is developing.

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R-Five said...

You know what will happen - a brand new HQ for MPR!