Friday, October 24, 2008

More Plymouth campaign sign thefts

As reported by the Plymouth Police Department:
  • Theft, Reported: 10-16-2008. A resident reported that his political signs were stolen out of his yard within the last day. 115xx 44th Ave N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-16-2008. Victim reported the theft of political signs from the lawn overnight. 4xx Niagara Ln N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-16-2008. Complainant reported a political sign was stolen from his front yard sometime overnight. Comp reported this is the second time in the last week, his sign was stolen or vandalized. 43xx Deerwood Ln N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-18-2008. R/P called reporting his political yard signs stolen. 8xx Vicksburg Ln

  • Theft, Reported: 10-18-2008. Theft of political sign from the yard sometime overnight. 39xx Arrowwood Ln N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-18-2008. Victim reported that a political sign was taken from her yard sometime during the night. 60xx Annapolis Ln N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-19-2008. Victim reported that 3 of his political signs were stolen from his front yard during the night. 48xx Orchid Ln N

  • Theft, Reported: 10-21-2008. Political sign taken from yard. 110xx 40th Pl N

The Plymouth Police does not publish the political party involved in these reports. Please report campaign sign damage or theft to your local police department.

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