Friday, January 04, 2008

What's more important than being a good candidate?

Robert Redford in The Candidate, photo (c) 1972 Warner Bros. Pictures
"Ultimately, when we make up our minds we should think about the qualities the candidate would bring to the Oval Office--and not just whether or not they would make a good candidate." —The Wall Street Journal, "What we want in a president," January 2, 2008

"What do we do now?" —Robert Redford as candidate Bill McKay in The Candidate (1972), after winning the election

How many times have conservatives been convinced to trade their ideological convictions for "electability?" Be pragmatic, would you rather support a true conservative and lose, or a moderate Republican and win?

Well, after getting Governor Green Jeans, JOBZ, North Star Commuter Rail, smoking bans, and public subsidies for billionaire baseball team owners and an industry that is burning our food for fuel while billions of barrels of oil sit untapped under our feet, I would rather support a true conservative and WIN! That's why I will be supporting Fred Thompson at my precinct caucus on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

Conservatives will never again be a factor in U.S. politics until we take back the Republican Party. That won't happen until we show up to the caucuses and conventions, and get conservative candidates endorsed and elected. Only then will real conservative change be possible.

Read more at the True North precinct caucus page for further info on getting involved. Those of us with jobs and kids can't go to all of the rallies and meetings, but the change we want won't occur by leaving it all to someone else (hello, Democrats outnumbered Republicans at this year's Iowa caucuses by nearly two-to-one). I hope to see you there on February 5.

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