Monday, January 07, 2008

Presidential politics: American Idol or The Apprentice?

Conservative commentators from Rush Limbaugh to Jason Lewis have been bemoaning the fact that the presidential campaign has centered on superficialities and presentation, quips, sound bites, and celebrity. Yet they already seem to have written off the only true conservative in the race, a month before Super Tuesday, rather than lead the way by supporting him on this crucial "job interview."

That got me to thinking: will the electorate this year pick the next leader of the free world as if they were watching American Idol, or The Apprentice?

American Idol is a competition that rewards performance. The contestant who can charm the audience, deliver a technically superior performance, stir the emotions, wins.

The Apprentice is a competition that rewards results through leadership. The contestant who can lead their team to sell the most, create the best marketing campaign, stage the best charity fundraiser event, wins.

In this age of talk radio, instant messaging, online social networks, online on-demand video, and blogs, we the people will have more influence over what kinds of campaigns are waged because more than ever, we will be the campaign.

This is good news for conservatives. Rather than a media-driven campaign of emotions and visuals, we can wage a campaign of ideas and principles. Rather than complain about campaigns and debates that are more Entertainment Tonight than The McLaughlin Group, we can change the debate, one voter at a time.

Whom would you rather have choose the next president, Simon Cowell or Donald Trump? What qualities will our country truly need in our next president?

To get started, go to and read how Fred Thompson would lead this country to security, unity, and prosperity with a steadfast return to the conservative principles that made this country great. Then help this country say to Thompson, "You're hired."


Dennis J said...
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Dennis J said...

Rush doesn't endorse candidates in the primary season... a policy MN GOP chairmen ought to consider. And when Jason occasionally takes a breath from puffing up his chest, he usually speaks well of Fred. The topic of his show is usually "Jason thinks this sucks" rather than "Jason thinks this is great". With that in mind, Jason barely ever mentioning Fred's name is probably a back handed endorsement

Scholar said...

I actually agree with talk radio not endorsing anyone at this point. I just wish that they would not write off Fred either explicitly or by not including him in the conversations, while at the same time conceding that he is the only true conservative in the race. I am happy that the national shows are still interviewing Fred.